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Individual Members (2017)

Official 2017 MWPBA Individual Member List, as provided by the MWPBA Solo Registrar on September 14, 2017.

Members are registered to compete in solo competitions at the grade indicated for each discipline.

The list can be filtered and sorted. Register here.

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Last Name First Name Initial State Membership Number Piping, Light Music Piobaireachd Snare Tenor Bass Drum Major Judge Other Status
Jones Tim IL 7185 Grade 3
Jones Joseph R KY 7224 Senior Novice
Jones Joshua G KY 7267 Grade 4 Junior
Kahan Michael MI 7170 Grade 2 Grade 2
Kamal Sarah IL 7229 Novice
Karcz Tony IL 7219 Grade 1 Grade 1
Karner Matthew L IL 7274 Grade 1 Grade 1
Kazmierski Dunn Michael R MI 7112 Grade 2 Grade 2
Keathley-Stamey Linda MI 7184 Novice Novice
Keith Richard A IN 7250 Grade 4 Senior
Keppel Grace B IL 7320 Intermediate
Kern Gy S IN 7150 Grade 4 Senior Grade 4 Grade 4
Kerr Aaron M IL 7363 Grade 4 Senior
Ketterman Joseph M IN 7136 Grade 4 Senior Grade 4
Kidwell Steve MO 7128 Grade 3 Grade 3
Kilgore Mark A IL 7310 Grade 4 Senior
Kinney Michael IL 7300 Senior Novice Grade 4
Kotch Michael MO 7202 Open Open Judge
Kotvis Kimberly A WI 7330 Practice Chanter
Krogh Teddy AK 7375 Open Open

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