MWPBA Solo Contests 2024

Master Entry Form


  • Entry is open to Individual Members of the MWPBA and other ANAPBA affiliated pipe band associations registered for 2023 for solo competition.  Membership in a registered pipe band is not sufficient to be eligible to compete in MWPBA solo events.
  • All contests shall be conducted according to the official Rules of the Midwest Pipe Band Association (MWPBA).
  • All contest entries must be made using this online form by the deadline stated for each contest. Phone or email entries will not be accepted. No field entries. The cost to enter is $11.00 USD per individual event. Late entry is accepted for 7 days after the published deadline, for which a single late fee will be assessed per day of competition. All fees must be paid prior to competing.
  • No Entry Fee Refunds For Any Reason Except Event Cancellation.
  • This entry form supports entering any and all MWPBA contests, and may be submitted multiple times if you so choose.
  • Games admission is free for competitors; parking fees are not included.
  • Competitors must play in their registered solo competition grade(s) assigned by the MWPBA or home association.
  • Orders of play shall be posted on the MWPBA website approx. 7 days before each contest. Soloists are required to register with the steward for each event entered, and to verify event start time in case of schedule change.
  • Appropriate 'Highland' attire and headgear must be worn by all competitors and accompanists.
  • The MWPBA and event sponsors disclaim any and all liability for injury to person or property related to the events sanctioned. Each event sponsor, by accepting sanctioning, has agreed to defend, indemnify and hold the MWPBA, its officers and agents harmless from all such liability. This disclaimer shall remain in effect despite withdrawal of sanctioning by the MWPBA for any reason.