The Midwest Pipe Band Association


MWPBA Champions Supreme


Year Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5
2018 - Midlothian Scottish PB North Coast PB Turlach Ur PB

Celtic Cross P & D

2017 - Midlothian Scottish PB Chicago Celtic PB Dundee Scottish Pipe Band Grand Traverse P & D
2016 - Greater Midwest PB Macalester College Chicago Stock Yard Kilty Dundee Scottish PB
2015 - Greater Midwest PB Midlothian Scottish PB Chicago Highlanders Turlach Ur
2014 - Greater Midwest PB Midlothian Scottish PB Fountain Trust PB Celtic Cross
2013 - - Midlothian Scottish PB Milwaukee Scottish Chicago Highlanders
2012 City of Chicago - Macalester College Chicago Highlanders Chicago Highlanders
2011 City of Chicago - Chicago Celtic North Coast Milwaukee Scottish
2010 - City of Chicago Minnesota Police Chicago Celtic Tunes of Glory
2009 - Midlothian Scottish Minnesota Police The Frost Flint Scottish
2008 - Midlothian Scottish Macalester College Flint Scottish Minnesota Police /
Celtic Nations (tie)
2007 - Midlothian Scottish Westminster Ann Arbor Fountain Trust
2006 - Midlothian Scottish City of Chicago City of Rockford Springfield St. Andrews
2005 - Midlothian Scottish Macalester College Chicago Caledonian Tunes of Glory
2004 - North Coast Macalester College St. Andrews Society of Central Illinois St. Andrews Society of Central Illinois
2003 - North Coast Chicago Caledonian Macalester College City of Rockford
2000 - Midlothian Scottish Chicago Metropolitan Crag dhe Cead Ceol Mor
1999 - Midlothian Scottish Chicago Metropolitan Celtic Cross Tunes of Glory
1998 - Midlothian Scottish 87th Cleveland Chicago Metropolitan Chicago Stockyard Kilty
1997 - Midlothian Scottish Chicago Metropolitan Celtic Cross Doonaree






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Alma Regional Solo Qualifier
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Saturday May 4
Ian Swinton Open & Terry McHugh Solo Piping Competition (Park Ridge, IL)