The Midwest Pipe Band Association

Here is a listing of the MWPBA's official massed bands tunes.  Keep in mind that in order to receive travel allowances at most games, you'll need to be able to participate in massed bands which includes the ability to play the tunes in this listing.

4/4 Marches    
 Scotland The Brave ("High Hand" version)
Pipes Snare
Pipes Snare
2/4 Marches    
 Barren Rocks of Aden
Pipes Snare
 Highland Laddie
Pipes Snare
 79th Farewell to Gibraltar
Pipes Snare
3/4 Marches  
 Green Hills of Tyrol
 When The Battle Is Over
Pipes Snare
6/8 Marches    
 Bonnie Dundee
 Glendaruel Highlanders
Pipes Snare
Slow Marches / Airs  
 Amazing Grace


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