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Jim Enright, Sr. Memorial Solo Drumming Contest Cancelled for 2016

The Jim Enright, Sr. Memorial Solo Drumming Contest has been cancelled for 2016 due to lack of entries.  Thank you everyone for your interest, and entry fee refunds will be provided to the drumming contestants that did enter.


The Terry McHugh Memorial Solo Piping Contest will still take place on April 9 in Palatine, IL.  The order-of-play will be out shortly for that event.


2016 Midlothian Scottish Pipe Band Fundraiser

The Midlothian Scottish Pipe Band will be holding their Annual Fundraiser at Fitz's Spare Keys in Elmhurst, Illinois on Saturday, April 9th at 7:00 p.m.


See the flyer for more details.


2016 Regional Solos Finalists Announced

The list of Finalists has been published for the 2016 Terry McHugh Memorial Solo Piping Contest, Regional Solos competition.  Everyone who finished in the top 3 of their Regional contest is eligible to play.  The order-of-play is currently being compiled, and will be published shortly for the pipers, and for the drummers who are competing in the Jim Enright, Sr. Memorial Solo Drumming Contest.

Both finals will be held on Saturday, April 09 at The Presbyterian Church of Palatine, 800 E. Palatine Road, Palatine, IL 60074.  This is the same location/venue as last year. Doors will open at 9:00am with the first contest starting at 10:00am. It should be a great contest this year.  The setting for the finals will be very nice with great acoustics.

If your name is on the list of qualifiers please send an email to Jim Sim at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as soon as you can to let him know whether or not you will be competing.  If Jim has already reached out to you, there's no need to contact him again.

It should be a great day of piping and drumming, and the contest is open to the public at no charge.  We hope to see everyone there.


2016 St. Paul Regional Piping Solos Results

The St. Paul Regional Piping Solos have been completed, and the results are below.  This concludes the pre-season for indoor bagpipe solo events in the MWPBA for 2016.  The finals for both the Terry McHugh Memorial Solo Piping Contest and the Jim Enright, Sr. Memorial Solo Drumming Contest to be held on April 09 at The Presbyterian Church of Palatine, located at 800 E. Palatine Rd., Palatine, IL 60074.


The results from the contest are as follows:


Grade 2:

1st-Tak Tang, 2nd-Benjamin Reagen, 3rd-Bob Lies


Grade 3:

1st-Thomas Stonehouse


Grade 4:

1st-Sydney Howieson


These individuals are eligible to compete in the piping solo finals mentioned above, and have already been enrolled in the final contest.


Thank you again to all the competitors for braving the high winds and decidedly poor weather conditions in St. Paul to get to the contest.


St. Andrews University Recruiting

St. Andrews University in North Carolina USA is recruiting for 2016-17. Scholarship assistance is available for good students who are also pipers or drummers. We are particularly searching for snare drummers for the 2016-17 academic year. All inquiries welcome....time is ticking, but it's NOT too late! Great opportunities for TRANSFER students as well. P/M to inquire...or fill out the online response on the flyer.


2016 Kansas City & Milwaukee Regional Piping Solos Results

Both the Kansas City and Milwaukee Regional Qualiifers for the 3rd Annual Terry McHugh Memorial Solo Piping Contest were held last weekend, on March 5. 


The finalists for Kansas City are:

Grade 1:
1st - Griffin Hall

Grade 4:
1st - Christopher Figland

Senior Novice:
1st - Neil Mardis


The finalists for Milwaukee are:

Grade 1:
1st - Scott McCawley

Grade 3:
1st - Philip Jutz; 2nd - Lucas Greenlee

Grade 4:
1st - Rhys O'Higgins; 2nd - Kristopher O'Higgins; 3rd - Robert Gough


Senior Novice:
1st - Mike Dickinson


Junior Novice:
1st - Sean Lambe

All the individuals mentioned are automatically enrolled in the finals for the Terry McHugh Solo Piping Contest to be held on April 9 in Palatine, IL.  Thank you to all the participants in the contests, and to the adjudicators.


MWPBA Indoor and Outdoor Contests Highlighted on pipes|drums

The MWPBA's upcoming 2016 outdoor contest season has been highlighted on the pipes|drums website, bringing focus to the extensive prize money available at the Chicago Scots Scottish Festival and Highland Games, as well as the expansion of the St. Louis Scottish Games and Cultural Festival to a Champion Supreme event for pipe band and soloists to close out the season.  Head to the pipes|drums website for the full article.


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