The 2017 Milwaukee Regional Piping Solos have been completed, and the results are below:


Grade 1 MSR:

1st-Chandler Sievewright, 2nd-Tony Karcz, 3rd-Scott McCawley


Grade 2 (2/4 March + Strathspey/Reel):

1st-Joseph Fisher, 2nd-Patrick Higgins


Grade 3 (2/4 March + Strathspey/Reel):

1st-Lucas Greenlee


Grade 4 Sr. (2/4 March):

1st-Mike Dickinson, 2nd-Robert Gough, 3rd Wayne Hoefler


Grade 4 Jr. (2/4 March):

1st-Sean Lambe


These individuals are eligible to compete in the Terry McHugh Memorial Solo Piping Contest, taking place on April 1, 2017 in Palatine, IL, and have already been enrolled.  With the cancellation of the Lexington Qualifier due to attendance, this completes the pre-season regionals. The next events will be the aforementioned finals, and the Pipe Major Ian Swinton Open Professional Solo Piping Contest, both of which take place on April 1, 2017.


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