The results of the MWPBA band and solo contests at the 2017 Wisconsin Highland Games at Waukesha, WI on Saturday September 2 are now available (band results, solo results).  Thank you to all the band members who endured the rain at the very end of the day.

The band results summary is as follows:

Grade 4 Medley (5) : 1. Dundee Scottish Pipe Band (BBS)  2. Twin Cities Metro Pipe Band  3. Chicago Stock Yard Kilty Band (BDC) 4. Billy Mitchell Scottish PIpes and Drums  5.  Chicago Highlanders Pipe Band

Grade 5 QMM (6) : 1. Madison Pipes and Drums  2. Macalester College Pipe Band (BDC)  3.  Firefighers Highland Guard of Naperville (BBS)4. Cameron & District Pipe Band  5. City of Rockford Pipe Band 6. Celtic Cross Pipes and Drums

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