The Band Roster form is now available, under the "BANDS" menu.

As in previous seasons, band managers may access the roster management by logging in with the provided userid for their band. Those needing logging assistance should contact the web master. The roster is pre-populated with the most recent submission from 2019, with the exception of drumming RIs. All band managers are required to log in to verify accuracy, and submit the latest updates.

You'll recall that there were some Rules changes made at the 2019 AGM regarding differentiating Registered Instructors (RI) for Snare and Tenor, rather than just "Drumming RI", and also catering for a distinction of drumming disciplines for Dual Musicians.

The separate Registered Instructor form has now been deprecated, and is now incorporated directly into the Band Roster form.

There is also an update to the View Band Rosters form showing the instruments and date of changes to the roster.

Note that ALL band rosters and RI designations are due March 31. Band that do not provide an initial roster by that date (newly registering bands excepted) may be subject to a $100 late fee.

Note that March 31 is also the deadline for previously registered Bands and Soloists to request a regrade.

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