The forms for management of MWPBA member band competition rosters are now available, along with the RI registration forms. You'll find each form under the BANDS menu. Rosters and RI forms are due March 31.

We had originally hoped that we could carry over the rosters submitted for last season, but due to technical difficulties we can't do this for 2019. We should be able to rollover this season's rosters into next season and beyond though.

Note that the band competition entry forms for this season will not ask MWPBA member bands to attach a roster, since they will be totally managed via the online Band Roster Management form. It is therefore essential that your band roster is kept up to date. Just a reminder that rosters are intended to list only competing members of the band.

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Sunday August 25
Columbus Games entry deadline
Sunday August 25
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Saturday August 31
Wisconsin Games
Saturday September 14
Columbus Games
Saturday September 14
Tulsa Games

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