Just a reminder that March 31 is a very important deadline for the MWPBA:

  • All MWPBA band rosters are due by March 31.
  • Registered Instructors must be registered with the MWPBA by March 31, and so noted on the band's roster.
  • All band and solo grading petitions must also be submitted by March 31 to be considered this season. Late regrade requests will not be considered.
  • If you plan on competing in the solos this season, the cost of solo membership goes up after March 31.

So, yeah, March 31...

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Sunday August 11
Wisconsin Games entry deadline
Sunday August 25
Columbus Games entry deadline
Sunday August 25
Tulsa Games entry deadline
Saturday August 31
Wisconsin Games
Saturday September 14
Columbus Games
Saturday September 14
Tulsa Games

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