Good Morning,
It is with a heavy heart that the Alma Highland Games announced Wednesday night that they are cancelling their event scheduled for May 28 & 29, 2021. This was very sad news indeed. I have contacted the Games to discuss doing something that weekend on a much scaled down basis. Hopefully we might be able to do something by then but we will have to see. I understand the Games' position as sponsorships and other contracts need to be signed. There is a lot of up-front money that goes into these things. I will certainly keep you posted of any talks or news regarding Alma.
The Milwaukee Games has informed me that they will make a decision by March 1 in regards to their Milwaukee Highland Games, scheduled for June 5.
Please look for other announcements this week in regards to our 2021 season.
Thank you to those who replied to our musical requirements survey. Decisions will be made in regards to the survey very soon. This season will most likely be like no other. I think we will all have to be a little flexible with things. My hope and desire is that players and bands will be able to compete in some fashion and some where this year. However, this all must be done with safety and the players health in mind. We are trying our best to do the right thing.
Watch for another interview in our series in the next couple of weeks. It should be another good one. Keep practicing at least at home or on Zoom like there will be events in 2021. That is our goal!!!
Jim Sim

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