Now that the Terry McHugh Memorial Regionals are completed, let's look ahead to the MWPBA Day of Piping on April 21 at the Park Ridge Community Church in Park Ridge, IL: 
The individuals who played in the regional qualifiers and are eligible to play in the finals will be contacted by our president, Jim Sim, to inquire if they plan to play at the event. 
That same day will be the P.M. Ian Swinton Professional Contest; the judges this year are Jack Lee from Vancouver, and Jim Stack from New Jersey. This contest is still open for entries for another month; the deadline is April 8, 2018.
Orders of play for these events will be published in early April.
We hope to see many of you on April 21st in Park Ridge, IL for the MWPBA Day of Piping.  It should be a great day. 

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