The Midwest Pipe Band Association

MWPBA Solo Grading Application

  • Soloists wishing to regrade need to submit this Grading Application form, unless otherwise exempted.
  • If you are a new applicant for MWPBA membership at Grade 3 or higher or transferring from another association to the MWPBA at Grade 3 or higher, you must file a Grading Application with the Music Board.
  • Soloists staying at the same grade do not need to submit this form.  Soloists that have received notice of automatic regrade by the MWPBA Music Board do not need to submit this form.
  • If you are now in Grade 4 or above and want to compete at a higher grade, you must submit a Grading Application (also known as a Regrade Petition) to the Music Board.
  • New members registering at Grade 5 / Novice or Grade 4 do not need to submit a Grading Application, and need only inform the Solo Registrar of the correct grade when registering.
  • If you have competed one year at Practice Chanter, you are automatically regraded to Grade 5 Junior or Grade 5 Senior Piping. There is no need to submit a separate Regrade Petition in this case.
  • If you have competed one or more years at either Junior Novice or Senior Novice light music piping, you may regrade yourself to Grade 4 when you re-register for the year. Junior Novice and Senior Novice piping has been changed to Grade 5 Junior and Grade 5 Senior. There is no need to submit a Grading Application in this case.
  • Grading Applications must be submitted on or before March 31 to be considered by the Music Board.
  • Regrades are effective 21 days after approval, so submit this form early!


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