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MWPBA Contests Results

2016 MWPBA Professional Solos Results and Videos

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Andrew Lewis of St. Paul, Minnesota, was the overall winner of the inaugural Midwest Pipe Band Association Professional Solo Piping Contest, held at the Presbyterian Church of Palatine, Illinois, on May 14, 2016 (see also p|d article).

Contestants submitted four piobaireachds and four MSR sets, with one of each picked by judges Brian Donaldson and Donald McBride.

The overall results are as follows.

Overall: 1. Andrew Lewis 2. Nick Hudson 3. Andrew Carlisle 4. Matt Pantaleoni 5. Adrian Melvin 6. Alastair Murray 7. Dave Mason

The placing for each event is as follows.  Click on each link to view a video recording of each fine performance.

Piobaireachd: 1. Nick Hudson 2. Andrew Lewis 3. Andrew Carlisle 4. Dave Mason 5. Adrian Melvin 6. Alastair Murray 7. Matt Pantaleoni

MSR: 1. Andrew Lewis 2. Andrew Carlisle 3. Nick Hudson 4. Matt Pantaleoni 5. Adrian Melvin 6. Alastair Murray 7. Dave Mason

Judges: Brian Donaldson and Donald McBride.


2016 Regional Solos Results

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2016 MWPBA Regional Solos
Terry McHugh Memorial Solo Piping Contest
Jim Enright, Sr. Memorial Solo Drumming Contest

Piping Qualifiers:

This post will be updated as results from each qualifier become available.

Contest Date Results
Alma, MI February 20, 2015 Results
Lexington, KY February 27, 2016 Results
Kansas City, MO March 05, 2016 Results
Milwaukee, WI March 05, 2016 Results
St. Paul, MN April 02, 2016 Results
Palatine, IL April 09, 2016 Results

The current list of qualifiers for the Regional Solos Final is here.  These are the players that finished in the top 3 of each qualifier.


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