At the MWPBA AGM on November 5, 2016, the Music Board recommended changes to the tune requirements for certain Open Piping and Amateur Grade 2 Piping contests. The membership approved these rules changes. However, at the ANAPBA Summit in January 2017 most associations reported that they had not yet adopted these changes. To keep the MWPBA in line with current practice in most North American Associations, the MWPBA will suspend certain of these rule changes for the 2017 season.

Therefore, the 2017 requirements for the following events are:

  • Open Solo Piping: 6/8 March Event and Hornpipe/Jig Event - submit 3 tunes each, play one of each
  • Grade 2 Solo Piping: Strathspey/Reel Event, 6/8 March Event and Hornpipe/Jig Event - submit 1 tune each

These changes have been incorporated into the official Rules for 2017. This information was first shared on the MWPBA mailing list on March 8.