The results of the MWPBA band and solo contests at the 2016 Wisconsin Highland Games at Waukesha, WI on Saturday September 3 are now available (band results, solo results).

The band results summary is as follows:

Grade 3 Medley (1) : 1. Macalester College Pipe Band (BDC/BBS) 

Grade 4 MSR (5) : 1. Chicago Stockyard Kilty Band (BDC)  2. Chicago Highlanders Pipe Band (BBS)  3. Milwaukee Scottish Pipe Band  4. Twin Cities Metro Pipe Band  5.  Billy Mitchell Scottish Pipe Band

Grade 5 QMM (5) : 1. Madison Pipes and Drums (BBS)  2. Dundee Scottish Pipe Band (BDC)  3.  Firefighers Highland Guard of Naperville 4. Celtic Cross Pipe Band  5. Macalester College Pipe Band