On Saturday, February 13th, the MWPBA held their annual Adjudication Seminar at the Scottish Home in North Riverside, IL. MWPBA Adjudicators must attend one of the all-day seminars every two years to retain their status on the judging panel; the session was moderated by Ken Eller from Fonthill, Ontario.


9 of the 23 MWPBA Adjudicators attended the seminar; here is a photo from the seminar.


Some of the topics that were covered during the seminar include:

  • Solutions for judging dilemmas
  • Positioning in different band formations
  • Ensemble judging
  • Practical judging training
  • What to listen for in certain situations

The feedback from the session was positive and encouraging.


Light music and piobaireachd adjudicator exams will be taking place in March.