Entries are now open for drummers (snare/tenor/bass) for the April 09 Jim Enright, Sr. Memorial Solo Drumming Contest in Palatine, IL.  The closing date is March 27, 2016.


Entry is still open for the 2016 MWPBA Regional Solos competition (St. Paul, MN) -- the last chance to qualify for the third annual Terry McHugh Memorial Solo Piping Contest


These contests are open to all Amateur Grades in light music piping, snare, tenor and bass. The top 3 qualifiers in each GRADE (not event) will qualify to play at the finals to be held in Palatine. See entry form for details, and for closing dates for entries.


For 2016, only piping contests will be held at the regional qualifier events. Drumming contests will be held only at the finals in Palatine, IL on April 09. Piping finalists will automatically be enrolled into the Terry McHugh Memorial contest; there is no need to re-register.  Drummers only need enroll in the April 09 date.

The qualifier dates are:

  • Feb 20 - Alma, MI

  • Feb 27 - Lexington, KY

  • Mar 05 - Milwaukee, WI (New Berlin)

  • Mar 05 - Kansas City, MO

  • Apr 02 - St. Paul, MN

The drumming contest date is:

  • Apr 09 - Palatine, IL