The MWPBA Music Board creates, facilitates and administers consistent application of competitor grading levels not only within the MWPBA, but, more importantly, across a much broader scale of associations and alliances. This is intended to have all competitors entered at an appropriate level for the overall good of the association and its membership.

All band and solo competitors wishing to change grade must petition the MWPBA Music Board for consideration.  Regrade forms are available under the forms section of the website.

This page will be periodically updated as re-grades are approved by the Music Board.  (Most recent update: November 21, 2015)

The following regrades have been approved by the MWPBA Music Board for season 2016.  Congratulations to all those upgraded!


Grade Change Band
To Grade 2 Midlothian Scottish Pipe Band
To Grade 3 Fountain Trust Pipe Band
To Grade 4 Turlach Ur Pipe Band


Piping : Piobaireachd

Grade Change Soloist
To Open Grade <none>
To Grade 1 Griffin Hall, Angus Martin, Tak Tang
To Grade 2 Joseph Horwath, Lauren VanDerWal
To Grade 3 Luke, Ashton, Jacob Schrader, Tony Mach


Piping : Light Music

Grade Change* Soloist
To Open Grade <none>
To Grade 1 Griffin Hall, Angus Martin
To Grade 2 Joseph Horwath, Kolya Sier, Lauren VanDerWal
To Grade 3 Luke, Ashton, Joseph Fisher,Tony Mach, Ethan Riddle, Jacob Schrader, Brett Steven Wax
To Grade 4 Thomas Asis, Griffin Coffman, Robert Cooney ,Alexandria Cunningham, Clair Douglas, Joshua Steffen, Gabrielle Neal, Nicole Sherrer

* Pipers who have already competed for one complete season in either Senior Novice or Junior Novice
may automatically register in Grade 4 Light Music without approval of the Music Board.
All Practice Chanter grade pipers are automatically moved to Novice after one season.

Such automatic re-grades are not listed.


Drumming : Snare

Grade Change Soloist
To Open Grade <none>
To Grade 1 <none>
To Grade 2 <none>
To Grade 3 Anna Oyler


Drumming : Tenor

Grade Change Soloist
To Advanced Brianna McDonald, Sydney Sievewright
To Intermediate Courtney Green


Drumming : Bass

Grade Change Soloist
To Advanced <none>



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