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2017 Alma Highland Games Results

The official results of the band and solo contests at the 2017 Alma Highland Festival and Games on May 27-28, 2017, are now available (band, solo).


The band summary results are as follows:


Saturday May 27:

Grade 1 Medley (3) : 1. 78th Fraser Highlanders PB (2-1-1-1, BDC, BBS) 2. 78th Highlanders PB 3. Peel Regional Police PB

Grade 2 MSR (3) : 1. Great Lakes PB (1-1-2-2) 2. Greater Midwest PB (BDC, BBS) 3. Midlothian Scottish PB
Grade 3 Medley (3) : 1. Toronto Police PB (1-1-1-1, BDC, BBS) 2. Chicago Celtic PB 3. KC St. Andrew P & D
Grade 4 MSR (2) : 1. 87th Cleveland PB (1-1-1-1, BBS) 2. Chicago Stock Yard Kilty Band
Grade 5 QMM (5) : 1. Grand Traverse P & D (1-1-3-2)  2. Cabar Feidh PB (BDC) 3. Flint Scottish PB (BBS) 4. Glen Erin PB 5. Superior P & D

Sunday May 28 - US Open Pipe Band Championship:

Grade 1 MSR (3) : 1. 78th Fraser Highlanders PB (1-1-1-2, BDC, BBS) 2. 78th Highlanders PB 3. Peel Regional Police PB

Grade 2 Medley (3) : 1. Midlothian Scottish PB (1-1-3-1) 2. Greater Midwest PB 3. Great Lakes PB (BDC, BBS)
Grade 3 MSR (3) : 1. Toronto Police PB (1-1-1-1, BDC, BBS) 2. Chicago Celtic PB 3. KC St. Andrew P & D
Grade 4 Medley (3) : 1. 87th Cleveland PB (2-2-1-1 BDC, BBS) 2. Border Cities Caledonian 3. Chicago Stok Yard Kilty Band
Grade 5 QMM (5): 1. Glen Erin PB (1-4-1-2 BDC BBS)  2. Flint Scottish PB 3. Cabar Feidh PB 4. Grand Traverse P & D 5. Superior P & D


2017 Alma Order of Play (Updated)

The Order of Play for both bands and soloists has been determined for the Alma Highland Games and Festival on May 27 and 28.  Please select the appropriate link; the soloist order of play document is two pages long as it covers two days of solo competitions in both piping and drumming.


This information is also available by subscribing to the MWPBA e-mail distribution list. Simply click on the link under the "Main Menu" on the left-hand side of the page, and follow the instructions to join the e-mail list.


This information is current as of 25 May 2017. A few omissions from Piping/Grade 3/6-8 March were corrected.


Additional rules revision for 2017

At the MWPBA AGM on November 5, 2016, the Music Board recommended changes to the tune requirements for certain Open Piping and Amateur Grade 2 Piping contests. The membership approved these rules changes. However, at the ANAPBA Summit in January 2017 most associations reported that they had not yet adopted these changes. To keep the MWPBA in line with current practice in most North American Associations, the MWPBA will suspend certain of these rule changes for the 2017 season.

Therefore, the 2017 requirements for the following events are:

  • Open Solo Piping: 6/8 March Event and Hornpipe/Jig Event - submit 3 tunes each, play one of each
  • Grade 2 Solo Piping: Strathspey/Reel Event, 6/8 March Event and Hornpipe/Jig Event - submit 1 tune each

These changes have been incorporated into the official Rules for 2017. This information was first shared on the MWPBA mailing list on March 8.


Alma doubles travel expenses for 50th year games!

The Alma Highland Games has doubled the travel money award for this year in celebration of their 50th Anniversary.

The minimum is $300 up to a maximum of $1200, and as usual is split 50% for each day. Alma should be really good this year with three Grade 1 bands and three Grade 2 bands so far registered to compete, along with some world class open grade players in the solo contests.

If you or your band is any way on the fence about attending, take a look and we hope to see you there at the classic MWPBA season opener!


Terry McHugh Memorial / PM Ian Swinton Open 2017 Results

Thank you to all the competitors and spectators, and judges who made the Terry McHugh Memorial & P.M. Ian Swinton Open a successful and fun day at the Presbyterian Church of Palatine.  We had competitors and judges from all across North America, including active members of SFU, FMM, and SLOT.


Terry McHugh Memorial Winners (Left to Right): Colin Kair-Gavin (Sr. Novice), Sydney Howieson (G4), Joseph Fisher (G2), Rhys O'Higgins (G3), Chandler Sievewright (G1), John Adair (G4 Sr.)


Complete results for the Terry McHugh Memorial Solo Piping Championship can be found here


P.M. Ian Swinton Event Photo (Left to Right): Ian Swinton, Jack Williamson, Andrew Carlisle, Andrew Lewis, Matt Pantaleoni, Alastair Murray, Teddy Krogh


Complete results for the P.M. Ian Swinton can be found here.



1st - Andrew Lewis, St. Paul

2nd - Andrew Carlisle, Pittsburgh

3rd - Matt Pantaleoni, St. Louis

4th - Jack Williamson, Topeka, Kansas

5th - Alastair Murray, Moon Township, Pennsylvania



1st - Matt Pantaleoni (Battle of Auldearn, Setting No. 2)

2nd - Andrew Lewis (Lament for Donald Dougal MacKay)

3rd - Alastair Murray (The Big Spree)

4th - Andrew Carlisle Murray (Lament for the Earl of Antrim)



1st - Andrew Lewis (John MacFadyen of Melfort/The Shepherd's Crook/The Sheepwife)

2nd - Andrew Carlisle (The Braes of Castle Grant/John Roy Stewart/The Rejected Suitor)

3rd - Jack Williamson (Brigadier General Ronald Cheape of Tiroran/Kirstie McCallman's Favourite/Sandy Cameron)

4th - Teddy Krogh (Inveran, Cabar Feidh, The Grey Bob)


Videos of the P.M. Ian Swinton Open prize winning performances are available on this YouTube playlist.


PM Ian Swinton Open/Terry McHugh Memorial Solo Piping Orders of Play

The Order of Play for soloists has been determined for the Pipe Major Ian Swinton Open (Professional Contest) and the Terry McHugh Memorial Solo Piping Contest (Amateur Contest) in Palatine, IL on 1 April, 2017.


The Terry McHugh Memorial Solo Piping Contest will start promptly at 10:00 a.m. at The Presbyterian Church of Palatine, 800 E. Palatine Rd, Palatine, IL, and is free to all spectators.  These events take place in both the Sanctuary and the Level Room; signs will be posted to guide everyone.


Following the 'Terry McHugh', the Pipe Major Ian Swinton Open will begin at 1:15 p.m. in the Sanctuary, and spectator entry will cost $10.00 (cash only).


This information is current as of 22 March 2017.


Submit your band rosters and RI information for 2017 now!

The deadline for submitting 2017 Band Rosters and Registered Instructor forms is March 31!

The early-bird rate for solo membership also ends March 31.


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