The St. Paul Regional Piping Solos have been completed, and the results are below.  This concludes the pre-season for indoor bagpipe solo events in the MWPBA for 2016.  The finals for both the Terry McHugh Memorial Solo Piping Contest and the Jim Enright, Sr. Memorial Solo Drumming Contest to be held on April 09 at The Presbyterian Church of Palatine, located at 800 E. Palatine Rd., Palatine, IL 60074.


The results from the contest are as follows:


Grade 2:

1st-Tak Tang, 2nd-Benjamin Reagen, 3rd-Bob Lies


Grade 3:

1st-Thomas Stonehouse


Grade 4:

1st-Sydney Howieson


These individuals are eligible to compete in the piping solo finals mentioned above, and have already been enrolled in the final contest.


Thank you again to all the competitors for braving the high winds and decidedly poor weather conditions in St. Paul to get to the contest.

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